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Project Stormos: Intense Action Platformer Needs Help

Project Stormos is a hi-speed platformer with the potential for huge stages and even huger chain combos. The controllable character can effectively never hit the ground if players time their air dash correctly to navigate through the stages, avoiding traps and crashing through enemies.

While I am genetically predisposed not to respond well to 3D graphics and gameplay, my initial reaction to Project Stormos was extreme adulation. Rob Storm has polished his 3D baby to an impressive degree, such that it rightfully has earned him over $6,000 on his Kickstarter campaign.

As with all Kickstarter projects, the huge down side is that he may lose all this funding if his goal of $7,500 is not reached in a week. Check out the trailer and decide if you want to help out Project Stormos:

At the 4:55 mark, interested donators are treated to some wonderful synth sounds that are suggestive of an awesome original soundtrack in Project Stormos. A $15 pledge nets the OST, and $20 nets sheet music.

A very humble $5 pledge nets the game on PC or Mac, which players will get access to on September 15, when the Kickstarter event ends.

What do you think of this project?