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A Procedurally Generated Space Exploration and Trading Game: Drifter

I’m not huge on mobile games. Never had a Gameboy as a child (out of my lack of noney more than anything else) and, as such, I’ve never really felt connected to a game until I was at home sitting in front of my television. So, despite my excitement at Drifter’s announcement, I also write this post with a heavy heart knowing that I’ll probably never be able to play this game…

But that should in no way stop you from playing Drifter (when available) should you have the means to do so, probably an iOS device of some sort given the developers past with iOS game creation.

Drifter is, as the title suggests, a space trading and exploration game. It’s essentially reminiscent of games like Frontier and Privateer. In fact, it’s a pretty damn ambitious game for a mobile title as well. The game is currently boasting around 100,000 lightyears worth of space to explore with a procedurally generated universe meaning there should, in theory, be limitless gameplay.

Of course, we can’t know just how big that is until we are able to see the speed of the space ship you get, but it sounds impressive nonetheless. I do know, according to Star Trek warp theory (yeah, shut up) it would take approximately 100 years to travel at warp 9.9… so that’s something.

The game is currently in development by Celsius Game Studios and doesn’t yet have a solid release date or a platform (but again we’re pretty sure it’s iOS), but if this is your type of game then you should definitely keep an eye on it!

[Celsius Game Studios]