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Superflat Games “Risking Everything” for Lone Survivor

Superflat Games aka Jasper Byrne has gone all in, betting on his next terrifying and pixel-filled project: Lone Survivor.

Photos and posts around Superflat’s blog and Twitter tell some of the mechanics; Lone Survivor has an item combination system, there’s a mirror gamesave system, and the hero fights off the horror creatures with a gun. Jasper stated via Twitter he would add a melee weapon, but players will only be able to use it as a last resort.

The music, the slow crawling pixels, and the carefully crafted lighting all seem to make for a thrilling ambiance. Check it out in the official trailer of Lone Survivor here:

As for how dedicated Jasper has become to the project, he stated the following today: “I’m going to be back at work on this baby full-time until it’s done. I’m risking everything on it financially, but I believe in it enough to do it.” Best wishes that the game makes the upcoming fall deadlines for the assorted indie game competitions and/or sees success upon completion!

Readers, what do you think of this trailer?