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Super Puzzle Platformer Copycat? You Decide

In what is the ultimate form of flattery, thievery or some combination of both, Super Puzzle Platformer from Andrew Moorish appears to be the latest copycat victim. While I have not contacted the alleged copycat-person, Andrew Moorish claims that his game is definitely copied by I Hate Puzzle, just released on iTunes.

The other developer is the notorious Domi Games (also known as EdisonGame and Yan Zhenhua), who was earlier accused (but apparently not convicted) to have copied Halfbot’s The Blocks Cometh and Pekka Kujansuu’s Tiny Hawk.

In the above photo, Super Puzzle Platformer is on the left. Facts in this instance are that Super Puzzle Platformer has been a playabl,e free Flash game for a few months off Andrew Moorish’s site. When compared to today’s “new release” of I Hate Puzzle, it’s strongly indicative that Andrew Moorish’s game came first. Gameplay and graphic assets are practically mirrored, as well.

At this point, I’m not sure if DIY will take the time to hear the story of the copycatter. I’ll only ask for you to decide for yourselves. Note, though, that Andrew asks for people to help fight the fight Apple won’t and help spread his message that his hard work has been copied and stolen without his consent.

For those wondering, Andrew’s Twitter is @ int_main. The only good to come of this: I finally played Andrew’s game, and it was pretty awesome. Landon Podbielski’s retro music is equally awesome, too.