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The Curious Case of Freebird Games’ To the Moon

Freebird Games is set to release sci-fi RPG/adventure To the Moon this fall,which looks like the world’s next JRPG dream come true. Developer Kan Gao asks you to imagine a world where doctors can rework your memory (resulting in a reverse chronological journey) in order to grant your greatest wish… but there’s just one catch: It will be the last thing you’ll ever remember.

If that’s the price of admission to such a lush 2D experience, I don’t mind. Heck, I don’t even mind a trailer that spans two minutes longer than my normal tolerance. The music in the trailer helps soothe my nerves.  Singer/song writer Laura Shigihara, from the famed Plants vs. Zombies‘ theme “Zombies on Your Lawn,” adds to the gentle lullaby of the colorful pixels in To The Moon.

In love with the music already? You can pre-order the soundtrack and receive 7 tracks instantly. It’s worth noting that 50% of all the soundtrack’s profit goes to charities for autism.

Curious to find out more about Freebird Games’ To the Moon and Kan Gao? Indie Games Channel has a great interview with the creator. But before you leave, tell us in the comments: what dream would you give up all your memories for?