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DevLinks: Spinning Wheels

Here’s a fresh catch of Developer Links for our readers to enjoy, some very much slanted to our developer audience. Have a look at what the indie world is currently talking about and gearing up for.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun — Indies: Enter Eurogamer Expo Indie Arcade!
“Yes, submissions for this year’s Eurogamer Expo Indie Arcade are open, and the final batch will be judged by the Hivemind of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It’s true! This year’s event, as last year, will be officiated by the men of this website, which will result in LIFE CHANGING PRIZES (tbc) for the winners. The details are here, but basically you need to get in touch with David Hayward with the details of your game before the 19th of August, and it would need to be in some kind of playable state for the event on 22nd of September. So if you are making in indie game and want awesome coverage, applying is a good idea. A very good idea. A mandatory idea.”

distractionware (Terry Cavanagh) — Announcing The Super Friendship Club
“So, I wanna introduce you all to a new forum that launched just the other day – the Super Friendship Club! It’s primarily a developer forum (rather than a player forum), focused on the craft of making games. One of the things we’re doing with the forum is reviving the gamecollective’s “pageants”, which we’re going to host regularly every two months! The current pageant theme is “Justice”, and ends August the 1st. (I’m entering too, with something small.)”

In The Games of Madness (Frictional Games) – The Player – the artist?
“In this week’s Extra Credits it was argued that we should treat the player of a video game as an artist and co-author of the game. One major point was that other media can be said to be valid without an audience, but not so for videogames. In video games a player is needed for the work to fully come to life. The other point was that players have an artistic role in this co-operative creation and that understanding the feelings that drive an artist can be used to make better video games… While I think that Extra Credits is an excellent show, I do not really agree with this.”

Unknown Worlds – First NS2 competitive play
“The competitive community has always been a big focus and motivator for us. Many of us spend a lot of time watching videos of high-level play like HDStarcraft, Day 9, and League of Legends on Back when we were developing NS1 v2.0 (the first client patch after the original release of NS1), we enlisted the help of hundreds of competitive NS players (called “Veterans”) to scrimmage, tune balance and give us feedback to help bring the game to a new level. It turned out to be a massive amount of work to organize that many players, servers and matches, so this time around we’re letting the community organize itself in this way. It turns out that even at this early stage of the beta, this has already begun.”

auntie pixelante – ronk – whoa
“two months ago, my friend ronk asked if i would animate a video for his new song. he suggested the video could be about grizzly bears, the videogame streets of rage, an alternate reality version of THE WARRIORS where the gangs theme themselves after internet memes instead of baseball fury, but when i listened to it i immediately realized it was about motorcycle gangs fighting robots in the future.”

The Behemoth – Comic-Con is almost upon us
“Summer is here and with that comes the bright, vivid sun blasting tasty rays of sunshine on your skin, while enjoying a nice cool breeze of freedom. Or you could just spend it indoors with us at Comic-Con 2011! Our convention center in San Diego has so many windows inside of it it will be like you’re actually at the park with your family bonding with them.”

Owlchemy Labs — Snuggle Truck nominated for Best European Indie Game
“Great news, everybody! Snuggle Truck has been nominated for the Best European Indie Game category of the European Game Awards, hooray! Apparently Boston is in Europe now, or our connections with the Turkish mafia have finally caught up to us. Either way, we’ll take it! The other 4 nominees in this category are: Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Interstellar Marines, Ilomilo, and Minecraft. That’s some tough competition and that’s exactly how we like it. We wish all the nominees the best of luck.”

Chris Hecker — SpyParty IGF Feedback and Beta Status
“I am deep deep deep in server stuff for the Early-Access Beta, so this post is mostly to take a short break from that, tell you folks I’m still alive, and post the collection of feedback I got today from the IGF submission last year.”

The Witness DevBlog —  Witness Trees
“Hi, I’m Shannon and this in my first blog post about The Witness. I’m currently the only 3D artist working on the game and this post is about game trees… both the ones I’m making and game trees in general.”

Mommy’s Best Games – Double D Pompeii and Secrets
“There’s not much left to do on Serious Sam Double D.. and then there’s a lot left to do.”