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DevLinks: Serious Discussion

DevLinks in what’s been a busy start to the summer for many notable indies. Have at it.

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indiePub – English: The international language of video game development
“Even though indie games are created by developers of varied backgrounds and locations, there seems to be one common element: English.”

Mommy’s Best Games — General Maxilla
“Serious Sam Double D features a new antagonist, four-star General Maxilla. Little does Sam know, but the General is tasked with stopping Sam while Mental is on holiday. In between levels players are treated to a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Mental’s operations, and how the General works (sometimes unsuccessfully) to wrangle the motley crew and ready them for battle.”

Vlambeer — Serious Design
“Let’s talk about the design of Serious Sam: the Random Encounter. After some intense brainstorming we got to this…”

Charlie’s Games — Scoregasm Update
“It’s been ages since i talked about Scoregasm, so i though i’d let you all know how things are progressing. Basically, the game is done! I’ve a few small bugs to iron out before release, but it’s done! I’ve nothing else i want to add to it, and it all seems to work nicely, and is lots of fun to play. I made a little video yesterday, here it is…”

#AltDevBlogADay – The Hidden Evil of the Micro Transaction
“Over the last year a lot of time has been spent thinking, writing and developing my thoughts on social gaming and by extension micro transactions. The last few months of my professional life have involved some fairly complex and sometimes scary monetisation designs and discussions. Moving from consoles to social web games has been an interesting path to walk, with many lessons to be learned.”

Double your development time?
“A recent conversation with a fellow indie about their first game, and it’s (relatively) low sales led me to think about how best a small games company should break out of a ‘cheap games and low sales’ rut.”

Owlchemy Labs — Level editor on the iPhone? What?
“Owlchemy here with a Monday morning update sure to brighten your day. Today we are announcing full native support for the Snuggle Truck level editor on the iPhone, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch!”

The Escapist — The Terrifying Tale of Amnesia (Postmortem Feature by Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip)
“The story of Amnesia: The Dark Descent starts just as we were hard at work with Penumbra: Black Plague, a project that had been close to doom only a few months before.”

SpyParty DevBlog — The 707
“No, not that 707. That one belongs to John Travolta. The 707 I’m talking about are the seven hundred and seven people who signed up for the SpyParty Early-Access Beta without knowing that’s what they were signing up for.”

Fat Cow Games — Design: Story/Plot Writing
“In this months design blog we will be going through how you can train in creating a plot structure. This is easily done by branching or foldbacking a plot by adapting it from a simple linear plot that you’re already know well. This is obviously meant for games and not movies.”