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Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising Deadline Approaching

Indie Games Winter Uprising was a unique XBLIG initiative last year that slowly gained the attention of gamers and eventually Microsoft, being spotlit on the Dashboard.

As of this post, almost 40 entrants are being considered for the second season of XBLIG Uprising. Those interested in gaining some major exposure should note this is open to all unreleased titles and previously released ones which may have gone through extensive overhauls.

Curious what’s being considered? All but a few games have trailers along with their game descriptions. The promoters of the uprising would like to release two titles each week starting August 22 – September 12, which equals eight games. What I find a little confusing is that summer seems to be happening now, why the two month delay? Possibly they are avoiding any overlap with Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade Promotion which will begin July 20.

I know I am not the only gamer who hopes to beat the heat with something other than summer movies turned into video games! Does your indie title have what it takes to make this Uprising even better? Submit it here before June 27, the last day for nominees.

Missed last season’s uprising games? Check out this trailer featuring all the XBLIG winter uprising games.

Source: Live Indie Gaming