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Two Weekend Indie Sales at Steam: 5 for the Price of 1

Complaining about the lack of summer game bundles/deals out loud apparently works! Valve answered the call for supplying some cool games to beat the summer heat with two indie game packs. One is full of variety, and the other seems full of navigating. Both cost only $9.99. That equals less than $20 for 10 great games!

There are quite a few lesser bundled games here, along with the staple Dejobaan and Amanita Design titles. For those of you who don’t know about these Indie Superstars, now would be a great time to experience them!

The Indie Variety Pack includes the following:

The Indie Action Pack includes the following:

Go ahead and take your time with your decision. The offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time. I’ve linked up all of DIY’s coverage to the games listed, so please click on the titles and read our thoughts on the games bundled before you decide! (9 out of 10 games covered ain’t shabby!)

Ready to take the plunge? Click here Steam’s sale portal.


[Thanks to David Padron of Blendo Games for the tip! He also asks for a little word association: A gang of turkeys. A bed of oysters. A ____ of indies... you decide in the comments below!]