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Extend Interactive’s So Many Me First Gameplay Video

Extend Interactive, maker of A.R.E.S., seems committed to making a strong contender for the next IGF and Indiecade. This video’s theme is a bright and welcome contrast to what Extend last showed. As stated before, the developers are trying to be as transparent as possible with their development process and are seeking any feedback concerning the puzzle platformer So Many Me.

It’s come a long way rather quickly. See for yourself:

The colorful, swaying trees immediately grabbed my attention. I can’t wait to see what other visuals the team is creating. Gameplay wise, the video shows off some basic platform elements. One of the Mes became a brick mid-jump to assist clearing a large hole. It appears that some Mes can or must be left behind to hold down switches. A simple teleport device also allows the Mes to find a way to hit a stage switch.

Extend formally states that two abilities are present in the video. Says Nenin Ananbanchachai of Extend Interactive, “The first one is to freeze your character at any place and any time. You can use it as the platform to jump or to block something. Another ability is to recall your clone back to you one by one, first in last out.” FILO, huh? (Any computer science nerds get the reference?)

Around 0:50, something magically adorable happens with the Mes. They combine to make a big dinosaur. The dinosaur’s usefulness so far seems to be to traverse larger areas and whack walls with its tail. It also seems rather heavy; maybe the dinosaur’s weight will be used for puzzles as well. Nenin said they are aiming for five other creatures.

Finally, HyperDuck SoundWorks deserves a nod. The team shows its breadth of talent with a lush, sublime track that accompanies this video. I will be shocked if one of the Duck’s soundtracks doesn’t pick up an award sometime between 2011-2012.

I haven’t seen all the mechanics nor played the game, so I can’t offer too much constructive criticism. However, at times, the screen may look a little too green for me. The characters and the forest are fortunately different shades of green, but I feel a little more color would stand out. I like the absence of a HUD/UI. It allows me to enjoy the game’s art. I also don’t think I want to have to jump on an enemy’s head too many times. If enemies require a certain number of Mes to kill, that could be interesting. though.

What do you think of So Many Me? Extend is looking for any kind of feedback, so go ahead and leave comments below!