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Discord Games XBLIG Debut Title: Take Arms

Take Arms is a 2D class-based shooter “thingy” set for a tentative Late Summer 2011 release for 240 Microsoft Points. Take Arms will connect up to 8 players over Xbox Live or System Link with anime-style HD artwork running at 60 FPS. Players can choose from three different classes: The Striker is quick and light, equipped with a sniper rifle and dual automatic handguns, while the slow and heavy Destroyer packs a belt-fed machine gun and .45 revolver. The Grunt is the middle ground and is equipped with a three round burst assault rifle and a semi-auto handgun.

Take Arms includes three modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag) and three maps (Bridge, Trainyard, Forest Complex). Local play with bots is available for all game modes with multiple difficulty levels.

Check out the world going “two-dimensional” in this trailer narrated by Jon St. John (the voice of Duke Nukem):

Don’t get too excited by Jon St. John; developer James Petruzzi confirmed there is no voice acting in the game. “Getting Jon St. John was just a random idea I had for our entry’s trailer in the Dream.Build.Play (DBP) 2011 contest. It was on lark, and amazingly it happened.”

In addition to DBP, Discord Games has submitted for the XBLIG Summer Uprising promo. James stated, “I just found out about it last night, so I’m excited how the results work out next month. Please vote for us!”

While Discord Games was founded in 2009, the two developers (Tim Dodd is the other) have been working together on games since 2006. They have never released anything, though. He helped me pretty extensively with my DBP 2009 entry, 36 Chambers:

Says James about the duo behind Discord Games:

We’re just two friends that love working together, creating stuff, and constantly pushing ourselves to achieve greater things… on weeknights and weekends. We hope all the work we’ve put into Take Arms shows. We have pretty grand ideas in mind for the future of Take Arms, so we’re hoping things work out and enable us to keep pursuing them.

Take Arms Official Site