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6 Games Like Minecraft for Your Enjoyment

So, you’re starting to get a little bored with the same ol’ same ol’ that Minecraft delivers, huh? Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more, a little different, or maybe just something that gives a console-level experience rather than always being stuck at the old PC. If you are one of these people, then you’ll enjoy this little list I’ve put together of Minecraft-like games. Some came before, some came after, regardless, they all hold special elements of the Minecraftian like universe.

Also, even if you aren’t yet looking for something new you’ve gotta admit that it was a little disheartening to find out that the revolutionary Adventure update promised in 1.7 has now been delayed to the 1.8 release which is much farther out. That, in and of itself, could be reason enough to explore other options.

Please keep in mind that this list does not contain only Minecraft rip-off games. They are meant to be alternatives that offer some similar gameplay, but might not be exactly the same game unto itself. So, with that said, enjoy what I’ve dug up!

Cube World

I reported on Cube Worlds a few days ago based on it’s remarkable familiarity towards both the Minecraft and Zelda series of games. The relation holds true as the developer confirmed to me shortly after that he did draw inspiration from both games. Cube Worlds, however, is not meant to be a direct combination of both as it will be lacking any sort of crafting experience we’ve grown accustom to in Minecraft. Instead, it will feature a dynamically generated, destructible world with a series of quests for you to complete.

Cube Worlds is currently not yet released.


Cubelands, on the other hand, is more of a direct competitor to the Minecraft classic game, but with a special emphasis on multiplayer. The game was created late last year taking from Minecraft the glory in simply building great structures without having to dig around for resources or fumble with crafting anything. You build, that’s it. Additionally, the game’s multiplayer is far more accessible based on the fact that you don’t need an IP address to log in. Quite handy…



FortressCraft was released to the Xbox Live Indie Games channel a few weeks ago filling a hole that Notch and the gang at Mojang has left empty since Minecraft exploded onto the scene last Summer. That said, it’s still very much like Cubelands in that it’s primarily about building rather than mining or crafting various items. For this reason, despite its popularity, it’s still not seen as a complete Minecraft experience on the console. But with the developer promising updates, perhaps it won’t be too long before we see a full Minecraftian experience using nothing but the Xbox 360 controller.



“It’s like a 2D Minecraft!” Or so said the throngs of gamers upon watching their first Terraria trailer. Truth is that, despite some similarities, Terraria is strong enough of a game to stand on its own feature set. Sure, the game is certainly inspired by what Minecraft has done, allowing you to dig and build to your heart’s content. But where Terraria shines that Minecraft does not is in its adventure. This isn’t a game that’s so much about building rather it’s about adventuring, creating better weapons, and digging deeper and deeper to kill bigger and more horrible monsters. It’s almost as if Minecraft and Metroid had a very wonderful baby…



Our own Arsen Nazaryan reported on this game just a few days ago and for good reason: it’s awesome! Detonate is a game that’s all about building different structures with hundreds of different materials. Once created you then turn to destroying it in all sorts of manners, for example, you can set the place ablaze if you deem it.

It’s definitely a different sort of game than Minecraft, but for those of you who are really into the building aspect of the genre, perhaps this game would suit you just as well. After all, who doesn’t sometimes want to see how things look when they get destroyed?


Haven & Hearth

So this is actually a bit of a stretch from the usual Minecraftian types games I’ve listed already, but I decided to include it regardless.

Haven & Hearth is an online game that gives players a sense of creation and meaning to the world, as opposed to a typical MMORPG. It does this by allowing players to build their own settlements, farms, and various craftings and placing them in a real time world. It’s quite unique for an online game.

The reason why I’ve chosen it for this list is because it has quite an extensive crafting and exploration aspect to the game that is a lynchpin for Minecraft. Despite it’s relatively crude isometric graphics, this could be a game that has far more depth and meaning than what Minecraft currently offers.

[Heaven & Hearth]

Did I miss a game? Let me know in the comments below!