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25 Minutes To Mars – Starfarer Alpha gameplay footage. [Preview]

As mentioned in yesterday’s double preview, Fractal Softworks’ upcoming space combat action/strategy/RPG hybrid Starfarer is quite a looker. It’s also available in public alpha format, if you’re willing to put down $10 for an early preorder, it’s a lot of fun to play and spectacular to look at despite being still relatively early in development.

To show you what all the fuss is (or should be) about, I went and recorded the first 25 minutes of gameplay that the Alpha build offers, showing off the flight tutorial, and the first two of six playable missions. Right now, the game is just the combat engine, with the grand campaign and RPG elements still in the works. Turn on annotations, as I decided once again to favor text over spoken narration.

It’s highly recommended you watch these in full 720p. The game has a lot of fine details that you’d be missing out on otherwise.