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Nimbus Becomes Nimbus+ for PSN Users

Noumenon Games announced today that the team is working with SCEE to release Numbus+ over the PlayStation Network. DIY reviewed the PC version of Nimbus last year, calling it “charmingly unique and immensely entertaining.” The game involves controlling a flying object to solve puzzles and navigate through stages. The challenge is that the player’s vessel cannot stay airborne on its own; it must react with the environment or objects in someway to sustain its flight.

While the title was met with much acclaim, the developer admits it could be improved. “Nimbus+ will feature new content as well as improvements for areas which were lacking for the PC version, or which were cut due to lack of time,” though the team is not sure exactly what will be added. ‘This is also the reason for why some features which we originally wanted to bring to the PC version was cut short.”

PC owners shouldn’t fret or feel completely abandoned. Numenon said that Nimbus+ enhancements will be ported to the PC where possible. Those who took the initial PC plunge will also receive some “boons,” but the benefit details have not been decided.

For those who want to see Nimbus in action, enjoy this gameplay video:

Indie Superstar has a rather colorful re-interpretation of Noumenon’s Nimbus development here. For now, be sure to follow the developer’s blog for more details of Nimbus+ as they are announced. And again, for those who missed last year’s review, check it out here.

Source: Noumenon Games blog