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King Arthur’s Gold builds and destroys its way to treasure

There’s a lot to love in 2D sandbox construction game King Arthur’s Gold. While some will probably call it a Minecraft clone, they would be incredibly inaccurate. It shares more in common with Ace of Spades, and is simply the latest game in a niche genre.

The short of it is that you must build fortifications using stone and wood, attack the enemy base relentlessly, and collect gold within the bowels of the earth. Everything you construct – except for the stone backdrop – is important for your team’s survival. Three classes keep things interesting, and despite the lack of a million pretty blocks it’s still a blast to make a nice-looking fort. Building up a wall around your tent to block catapult shots, constructing an elaborate labyrinthine safe room for your gold sacks, and setting up a huge sky bridge to cross the map are all enormous amounts of fun, even if you aren’t actively grabbing gold or attacking enemies. It’s a game that encourages teamwork through sandbox construction, and that’s something we definitely get into. It’s becoming way more popular thanks to Reddit and /v/ setting up 32 player servers as well, so chances are you can find a large game to join.

King Arthur’s Gold is currently in beta, and you can download/leave feedback in the TIGsource feedback thread. There’s also a devlog to peruse if you care to. Keep in mind that once you download King Arthur’s Gold, you won’t have to do it a second time, as it comes with an automatic patcher.