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Indie Links Round-Up: Hey, That’s My Line

Today’s Indie Links segment is a bit saddened, having to say goodbye to a great PC Gaming site that always had a special place for indies — Big Download. Here’s hoping the fine gents that made up the small but solid team land on their feet.

On an up note, still plenty of new interviews, industry news, and of course games to check out and play.

Why It’s An Indie Games Roundup (John Walker — Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
“Recently we put out an appeal on Twitter (@rockpapershot) to indie devs to get in touch if they thought their game deserved some coverage. We had a lot of responses. I’ve taken a look at some of them (and only some, so far – we were inundated), and given some thoughts below. Today we have underwater swimming, telekinetic green rectangles, space battleships, and, um, the ghost of Bin Laden.”

Study: Indie Team Members, Contractors Earned Far More Than Solo Indies In 2010 (Mike Rose — IndieGames)
“Team-based independent developers and contractors earned considerably more in 2010, while developers working on their own saw little change in their income over the last year, according to data published by and Gamasutra sister publication Game Developer magazine, as part of its 10th annual Salary Survey whose results were recently revealed.” raises over $1 million in pledges for indie game development (John Callaham — Big Download)
“A couple of years ago, the web site launched. Its business model was and is based on the crowd funding idea as is became a place for people and small companies to ask for donations to help “kick start” various products. To celebrate its second anniversary this week, the web site decided to reveal some info about the funds it has helped to gather for various projects.”

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Munchies’ Lunch (David Hinkle — Joystiq)
“This week we talk with Vlado Jokic, co-founder and El Presidente of Footloose Games about his puzzle game, Munchies’ Lunch.”

Time Killer: Hue Runner (Ken Ellis — GamingDead)
“And here you thought you’d never use what you learned in pre-school. Hue Runner, coming at you from Gameplay King, is an auto-runner game that insists on you knowing the primary colors! The game focuses on the player changing his characters color to match that of the platform he is about to jump onto by using the arrow buttons.”

Game Engines (Derek Yu — TIGSource)
“There’s been quite a bit of news recently regarding game engines and game creation tools…”

The Last and Final Word: Jasper Byrne (Quote Unquote)
“Jasper Byrne was forced to make money from personal projects because he was made redundant from his job in the commercial gaming industry. He made Soul Brother, which was subsequently bought. After he had been re-hired by the same company for a number of months, he decided to make the choice to travel the solo route the second time around.”

Interview Roundup: Croteam and indie developers discuss new titles in the Serious Sam universe (Louis Garcia — Bitmob)
“I recently chatted with the parties involved in the three indie titles coming out to expand upon the world of Serious Sam. Read on to find out how the partnerships were formed and how much leeway each team had with the shenanigans they could put Sam into.”