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DevLinks: Superb Handling

Let’s start the work week off right with some good ol’ Developer Links. Several devs jump in with plenty of research and advice to share, and we take a look at some of the projects the rest are working on. Something for everyone today!

Broken Rules — Indie Project Budgets
“I’ve recently stumbled across the numbers behind Angry Birds. Reportedly, producing the game cost $140k whereas the revenue generated approaches $70m making Angry Birds one of the most successful media franchises in history…For a AAA-developer, even a budget of $140k would be a joke. Yet for an iPhone project, this is an immense pile of money. The average budget for iPhone software can be assumed as $35k. Even with a budget that low, you can not expect to generate enough revenue to recoup your investment. In fact, it is not a sane economic decision to invest $140k in a project for a platform where the average return is as low as on the iPhone. According to this analysis, the average sales of a number of surveyed games were 11,625 units, or 44 copies per day. However, 56% of the those games sold less than 10k units. What lessons can be learned from this state of affairs?”

Spy Party Devblog (Chris Hecker) — Beta Data
“Everybody likes data, right? Well, here’s a random collection of it from the past day and half of the SpyParty Early-Access Beta Sign Up…”

#AltDevBlogADay (Rob Braun) — The Indie Route
“My friend and I recently decided to make a major, life altering decision. We decided to form our own indie studio. It is a very exciting and scary prospect for us: exciting because this is what we know we want to do and scary because we have no idea what the hell we’re doing. Since making our decision we’ve been doing a lot of research into how we (and anyone considering building an indie from nothing) should go about this venture and these are some of the things we’ve come up with.”

Vertigo Games — greenTech+ Now Available for Xbox Indie Games!
“I’m happy to announce that Optum has finished the Xbox Indie Games version of greenTech+, which is on sale now for just 80 MSP/$1! You can find more info about the game at the official Xbox Game page, including some spiffy screenshots and a link for the trial version.”

#AltDevBlogADay (Geraldo Nascimento) — Inspiration: Where can I get some?
“This is probably the most important question for any game designer. I ask myself often, where do I get my inspiration? Follow me as I attempt to answer what makes me tick.”

Rocket Bear Games — Infested Planet: What’s This Game About, Anyway?
“It’s been a long time since I announced the Infested Planet. A lot has happened and the game has changed quite a bit. I’ve decided to start from the beginning, so that people who haven’t been following the game’s development all this time can find out why it’s neat.”

auntie pixelante – three games by jinxtengu
“jacob buczynski, or “jinxtengu,” makes games that are nasty and inspired. his website has been gone for a while, so i got permission from him to host some of his games until his new site goes online. here are three that i think are important.”

Cliffski’s Blog (Positech Gaemes) — Indie retail… why bother?
“I came to the conclusion a while ago that retail selling of indie games was a total waste of effort. I have a bookcase to the right of me with a big pile of boxes of published games on it, I can see Kudos 2 (lovely box), Democracy 1 in English and German, Oval Office, and the e-games ‘Space Arcade Collection’. However, I have concluded that the long term utility of these deals is thus…”

Demruth — Game On
“The video of my talk has now been posted online…The videos of other games played later in the talk (when speaking about art style and elegance) “are of The Unfinished Swan and Fez.

Dynastica Devblog (Straycat Studios) — New Features
“We have launched a bunch of new features! Most buildings are now upgradeable, with up to three levels for some buildings. We have also created an upcoming events overview with estimated completion times for buildings and armies. Maria the advisor got company! Several new advisors have been added, such as Bob, The Mayor and Army Guy – all eager to assist players not to stray from their paths to glory!”