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A.R.E.S. Developer Extend Interactive Seeks Feedback on So Many Me

The above image is concept art for Extend’s newest work: So Many Me. After a successful PC and Steam launch for A.R.E.S., the team is hard at work to create an innovative IP set to release Q1 of 2012 and be submitted in the next IGF. While this puzzle platformer is very early in development, the team is being rather candid about its developmental process. They are currently sharing their design documents on IndieDB in the hope that the community interacts with their project by providing feedback.

As revealed in the design document, So Many Me is set to be released on PC first, followed by Mac, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and iOS. Key innovative mechanics lie in the player’s abilities to solve levels by creating clone and shadow images. The shadows will follow the player’s action, but the action will be delayed by 1 second. The clone images will do exactly what the player does, so the player will feel as if he or she is controlling many characters simultaneously. Further, the shadow images can absorb abilities, unique to each chapter in the game, from surrounding objects. While this may sound like a Braid derivative, the title looks to handle variables a bit differently.

The following is the team’s first development diary video for So Many Me. The developers’ first language is not English, so please bear with the subtitles.

I appreciate Extend’s candidness and hope more studios follow this kind of indie spirit! Feel free to share your thoughts about So Many Me so far, and the developers will respond. One final note: Extend’s iPad jigsaw puzzle game Jigsaw Mansion was selected to be showcased at this year’s E3. I hope to find the game and give it a spin.