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Shmup Adventure Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Available Now

Kot-in-Action Creative Artel released Steel Storm: Burning Retribution for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X on May 11. This release combines the previously released episode 1 with the second part. Steel Storm seems part shmup and part adventure in that the game does not scroll horizontally or vertically automatically. Players have the chance to explore the city and destroy as much as they want. This may be a relief for those who are frustrated from the scrolling shooters that give you limited windows for just about everything. However, Kot-in-Action does include the genre’s furious action  and adrenaline pumping music as evident below.

Check out for yourself Burning Retribution‘s gameplay trailer here:

Make sure you watch the video to at least the :17 mark. The game shifts its viewing angle dramatically. The graphics seem much better suited for the top-down angle that seems to dominate, but kudos to the team for mixing up the action and perspective. Some key features of the new Steel Storm include online play with up to 16 players, 25 different campaign missions, a series of challenges that unlock First-Person camera mode, and a  unique real-time collaborative mission editor.

DIY’s own Geoff previewed the first episode of Steel Storm back in January. Now both episodes are available. Support the developers directly through purchasing Steel Storm for $8.99 on their website or grab the game via Steam, Ubuntu Software Center, or Desura.


Source: Indie Gamer Forums