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Every NimbleBit App for iPad and iPhone is Heavily Discounted to Free!


NimbleBit is an indie success story; the team is comprised of two brothers who have developed 11 apps, according to the company’s main website. NimbleBit’s twitter account announced this afternoon that all of its iPad and iPhone apps are free. When asked about how long the sale would last, the tweeted response was “for an indeterminate amount of time.” That translates to gamers needing to hurry and grab them on any iOS device before the free deal is over.

What better way to experience all of its great games than for FREE! NimbleBit seems to have turned quite a few heads with its apps. Pocket Frogs has well over 100,000 reviews, averaging around 4.5/5 stars. For those with an insatiable imaginary appetite, NimbleBit has a game called Sky Burger that also appears very popular! And for the computer geeks who learned about the Towers of Hanoi when writing recursive algorithms, here is NimbleBit’s Hanoi.

While DIY has not reviewed any of NimbleBit’s iDevice Apps, Erik Johnson reviewed Zero Gear last year, a fun combat kart PC game with Steam support. Those who prefer to play games with a controller will be happy to know that DIY reported on Zero Gear’s update to include XBox360 controller support.

Source: @Nimblebit