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WiiWare Wacky Weekend Wrangle: Stickmen Studios’ Doc Clock


New Zealand-based Stickmen Studios has ported Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time for the WiiWare service at the cost of 1000 Wii Points. The game released on January 17. Those gamers who don’t play on the PC or missed out on buying Doc Clock on sale in Steam’s Indie Clever Pack last year can now enjoy the Doc’s crazy contraption building, platform traversing adventure on the Wii.

Players can immerse themselves in the Doc’s world of ingenious inventions with his contemptuous robot backpack Sack, time travel while dodging madly misguided techno-phobic hippy robots in a bid to save the Doc’s cat Franklin from being turned into a potted “catcus.” The last part makes for an incentive to lose at least once!  Check out the bizarre contraption building:

Some features of Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time include:

  • INFINITE POSSIBILITIES… of building things.
  • PLAY WITH TIME…  with the Time Slider.
  • TROPHY COLLECTING… every good game needs these nowadays for the kids.

I was curious about the time manipulation, so I found this video:

Both videos boast similar BGM, so I can only assume that is representative of the in-game music. Based on the videos, I am both interested and scared by what I can build. The possibilities seem limitless, but certain parts seem to add very specific functionality. I’m hoping for a thorough tutorial or at least an explanation of each each piece’s attributes which will help me accomplish what I want it to do.

[WWWWW is a new recurring feature on DIY in an effort to support other consoles' download services. Fortunately or not, Nintendo has a much stricter release policy, so the wacky WiiWare weekend coverage may not happen as often. Stickmen Studios delivered us in the hands of their promotions company, so we should have a preview/review of the game soon.]

Stickmen Studios homepage
Doc Clock‘s own website, which even has tasty recipes


  • KDR_11k

    Their previous game was Dragon Master Spell Caster, that was just awful…