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Freeplay Pick: Steel Storm Episode 1


Forgive the lack of content over the last couple days, many of us, myself included, just seem to be so busy with so many other projects these days, unfortunately. Don’t take that for us slowing down entirely, however, this was a momentary lull and nothing more.

Anyway, I just got done playing a very fun and unique top-down shmup that mixes in a bit of progression and exploration, something that’s not entirely common for the genre. The game is Steel Storm: Episode 1 and it was developed by Kot-in-Action Creative Artel (interesting name, right?).

The game is fairly simple to understand, you play as a ship of sorts and you’re objective is to get to the end of each level. In this manner, the game plays very similarly to most other shmups out there. You’ll fly around and kill enemies as you see them. You’ll collect items which will then upgrade your weapons and allow you to kill bigger bad guys faster. It’s a time and fun tested method that works.

What helps differentiate the game from other top-down shmups is Steel Storm’s unique sense of exploration. Sure it plays like a shmup, but it doesn’t necessarily act like one. Where most would have you simply flying around on a guided track of sorts, Steel Storm allows you to stop, explore, turn around, etc. In this way the game is far more adventurous than your average shmup.

The one aspect about Steel Storm that’s just a bit jarring is the way the game handles the camera’s movement. Despite being top-down perspective, the camera is always facing the same way that your ship is. Meaning that if you turn around suddenly, your camera will spin around as well. In the beginning it’s almost unsettling. However, for me at elast, after a few minutes I was able to get the hang of it.

Steel Storm: Episode 1 is available right now. It’s a highly polished, unique adventure shmup that really is worth your time. Upon completion if you desire more you can buy the remaining episodes for $9.99 via Desura.

[Episode 1, Buy]


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