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Dream.Build.Play First Place Winner A.R.E.S. Releasing With 3D and HD Support on Steam


A.R.E.S. is coming to Steam on January 19th. The build will include two new armor skins which are available for the player to switch from the beginning. This build will be exclusive to Steam for a limited time. The game is already available for purchase on Direct2Drive, Desura, and GamersGate. For those who haven’t heard, the folks at Hyperduck have provided an awesome MegaMan X-inspired pulse pounding soundtrack.

DIY’s Peter covered the PC release of A.R.E.S. last month. The link included loads of screen shots and a free demo. The game controls with a keyboard and a mouse or an XBOX 360 controller. The latter seems only natural, since Extend Studios entered and placed in Microsoft’s XNA competition. The team has high hopes of an XBLA release this year, as well.

The Steam release has received an additional upgrade. The game is ready for HD and is fully compatible with Nvidia 3D vision glasses! The below trailer was made specifically for the Steam release. Somehow, the music and action are even more intense this time around! The video includes a look at the extra skins mentioned and some extreme boss fights.

I’ll be posting an interview with HyperDuck soon. Once the Steam release is live, I’ll have a chat with Extend Studios and hopefully have procured a way to use my XBOX360 controller on A.R.E.S. My apologizes for being a recovering “consoloholic.”

Try out the demo and leave your reactions at one of the outlets below:



  • Geoff Gibson

    I wish these guys would release this game onto an actual console. It’s practically made for Xbox 360!

    • John Polson

      I would think it would be a PR nightmare if Microsoft refused a game that is its grand prize or first prize XNA competition winner. It’s equivalent to Dream.Build.Won’tletothersplay, or something like that? On top of that, wouldn’t it be financially smart for MS to recover its prize money by selling it on XBLA?

      • KDR_11k

        What was it that Dishwasher won to get an XBLA release?

      • Dominic Tarason

        DBP as well. I’d be very surprised if ARES doesn’t get a 360 launch eventually, but it seems that Microsoft really like to micromanage their digital publishing. Wish they’d adopt a more Valve-like ‘anything goes’ attitude. That’s so much nicer for the consumer.

  • HyperDuckChris

    ARES will see an XBLA launch, getting the Steam release out first is priority, then the rest of the next few months will be spent moving ARES to XBLA!