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Stonesense Slate, a non-ASCII Dwarf Fortress Graphics Mod

StonesenseSlateThere are those of us out there that love the idea of Dwarf Fortress, absolutely love it and yet are still held back by the game’s admittedly simple graphics made out of the ASCII character set. Luckily there’s a mod that remedies this situation and supplies a truly graphical context for all the glory that is Dwarf Fortress.

Stonesense Slate is a graphical mod that gives you an isometric view of the Dwarf Fortress world using various graphic sets designed by multiple artists, allowing you to mix and match. The bets part about the mod, as stated above, is that you can now visualize the actual game, something that was difficult to do prior.

Anyway, the mod is now available in version 2.2 which means it’s probably pretty simple. If you’ve ever wanted to check out Dwarf Fortress but couldn’t get beyond its humble graphics, now’s your chance.

[Stonesense Slate]