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Dilogus: The Winds of War, an Epic Fantasy RPG for Linux/Windows


Dilogus: The Winds of War is back in production! After a brief hiatus the former Crysis mod is being remade under a new studio named Digitial Arrow and has shed its modding roots to be made as a standalone game. This is huge news for fantasy RPG fans as the original Dilogus looked like a fantastic mod and the new concept art for the standalone version is shaping up quite nicely.

Here’s the description of the game from the developers:

Dilogus: The Winds of War is a third person High Fantasy RPG action game that immerses players deep into the awe inspiring fantasy world of Dilogus, allowing them to experience it from multiple perspectives of above five unique characters in both single player and co-operative multiplayer mode on Linux and Windows platforms.

I suppose the biggest news here, however, is that the developers are committed to bringing the game to Linux. As a loyal Ubuntu user this is fantastic news as the only thing that’s kept a Windows OS dual booted on my PC was the fact that I need it to play games. As more and more games seemingly get ported over, however, this is looking like less of an issue.

We’ll be following Dilogus as closely as possible for updates, particularly trailers, in the near future. Until then enjoy the concept screenshots.

No release date has been announced.