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An Unusually Unique UT2004 Mod: DreamCaster’s Duel [Mod]


Unreal Tournament 2004 has been out for a while. Since 2004 actually, conveniently enough. To say the game is old is an understatement. Games released last year are “old.” Despite that, however, that hasn’t stopped one developer from attempting to revive the old game via a unique mod called DreamCaster’s Duel.

DreamCaster’s Duel is being developed by solo-developer Michael Kelley. In fact, the game has been in development for over 8 years now, since before UT2004 was even released actually. Still, that hasn’t stopped the developer from wanting to release a quality mod to a once prominent game, something that may even bring the title back to its former glory.

Here’s the description from the developer:

DreamCasters’ Duel fuses an anime-styled, cel-shaded 3rd person shooter with elements of a side-scrolling fighting game. Adrift in slightly surreal landscapes, players will have to fight hand-to-hand or seek power-ups to build their character’s “concentration” levels. With sufficient concentration, characters can then do battle with whatever weapons can be dreamed up; a school girl’s teddy bear can come to life and assist in combos, piranhas can be called from thin air to devour an opponent, and bikini-clad mini-gun toting mercenaries can be summoned to run-and-gun down the enemy. Running-and-gunning is also made possible through concentration; characters can tear up the maps using telekinesis and projectile attacks to build their combo meter. Combos and kill streaks will will focus your concentration enough to perform spectacular, character-specific finishing moves. When the dust settles, you’ll be able to tell the winner as the character who hasn’t been completely obliterated.

The mod is due in Q1 of 2011. For those who want to see it now, however, have a look at the game’s trailer below. You’ll notice UT2004 has quite the affinity for cel-shaded graphics.



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  • KDR_11k

    Actually it has more affinity for cel-shading than that, the characters still use standard Gouraud shading in that video but by using cubemapping and combiners you can create a cel-shaded look. I first used that back in ’04 and XenoAisam has been creating plenty of characters with that trick since then.

  • mikejkelley

    Hi KDR_11k,
    You’re correct, the in-game promo materials I’ve created all predate a cel-shaded rendering process; I’ve decided to follow XIII’s lead and mimic cel-shading in the textures and reserve processor intensive rendering just for the characters. This way DreamCasters’ will run smoothly on the most modest (maybe even handheld?) systems.

    I’ve seen both your and XenoAisam’s work, good stuff!