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No Plans for a Super Meat Boy 2


I know the first game has just released onto it’s first of three planned platforms, but Edmund is already chatting up about the sequel to their already smash hit game: Super Meat Boy. And when I say “chatting up” I really mean shooting down as he has confirmed that neither he nor Tommy wants to create a sequel to their beloved franchise and possibly tarnish its image.

Here are the reasons given by Edmund:

  • It’s bad to over explain and over develop characters like the ones in super meat boy.
  • We feel like we did it right the 1st time.
  • The book is left open. (They, and PC users can expand without making a sequel)
  • It would mean we are just doing it for money.

Of course Edmund goes a little more in depth with his reasons and I recommend checking them out if only for the fact that you can see that these two guys are stand up developers who are more interested in creating a unique experience than cashing in at every opportunity.

Of course, that said, Super Meat Boy is already kind of a “sequel” to the original Meat Boy flash game. Check and mate Mr. Edmund.

[Team Meat]