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Cave Story DSiWare Released Today


Heads up for all of you who own a DSi (not DS Lite) Cave Story has been released for the system. While I can’t vouch for how good it is, if it’s anything like the WiiWare version this is certainly a title you’ll be interested in checking out. Also… it’s Cave Story. Come on.

The game should be available right now (or very soon) for 1000 DSi points or $10, if my Nintendo points to USD conversion is accurate.




  • Dominic Tarason

    In related news, the Wii version of the game has finally, FINALLY been released in Europe.

    I’m not endorsing piracy here, but if they pull anything close to that for La-Mulana, I’ll just be paypal’ing $10 to Nigoro and getting the game by other means.