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DevLinks: Audible Silence


DevLinks are back to rock a face or two. Today we check in on some project progress, receive some knowledge and mourn the loss of facial hair that had become a fixture in the indie community.

Cliffski’s Blog — The Indie Rules Of Acquisition
“I don’t have time to annotate and explain them now, but I thought at least I could put up the raw slides from my presentation at the Indie World Of Love conference.”

Wolfire Games Blog — R.I.P. Beard 2008-2010
“Today at roughly 4pm PST, the mighty beard hath been slain. It was a decent beard, long, braidable and true. Some said it looked fierce, others thought it looked like pubes, but I think most agreed that it was a meaningful albeit eccentric way of measuring the time and effort we’ve been putting into Overgrowth.”

The Witness Dev Blog — Island Snapshot
“It’s been a while since we’ve posted one of these…”

Distractionware — Nexus City Fridays
“My main project right now is Nexus City, an RPG I’m working on with Jonas Kyratzes. Originally planned as a week long minirpg for an RPGDX contest, we’ve now been working on it on and off for months, and this week I started full production of it.”

Retro City Rampage Dev Blog — Fan Art Contest!
“We’re running the first of many Retro City Rampage fan art contests! I can’t wait to see everyone’s entries, I’m too excited!”

In The Games of Madness — How the player becomes the protagonist
“In Amnesia one of the main goals was for the player to become the protagonist. We wanted the player to think “I am” instead of “Daniel is” and in that way make it a very personal experience. The main motivation for this was of course to make the game scary, but also for the memories that where revealed to feel more personal for the player.”

Charlie’s Games — Chat with Paul Eres
“A few months ago I had an email exchange with Paul Eres,who is responsible for creating my favorite tower defense game, Immortal Defence, and is currently working on the Zeldaesque Saturated Dreamers, which is set on a mysterious alien lake, and looks rather pretty.”

Dynastica Dev Blog — art rant part 1
“Hi! My name is Christopher and among other things, I am the art director of Dynastica. I’m here to rant a little about our new buildings in the city window and my thoughts about it.”