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Sol Survivor Update, Free Weekend and Sale


Cadenza Interactive has several new announcements that we need to pass along. First off, their turret defense title Sol Survivor has been updated to v1.81, adding just a small list of bug fixes to the game (or does it?) Owners of the game can pick it up now on Steam.

From the Steam patch notes:

Sol Survivor 1.8.1

  • Fixed custom officer crash on first ever run.
  • Fixed small default windowed mode size.
  • Fixed some old hardware crashing instead of reporting failure to meet specs.
  • Fixed crash when a player joins a game just as it starts.
  • Corrected description of Kitchen Sink achievement.

For those who don’t own the game, you may be interested to know that it’s free for anyone with a Steam account to play through the weekend. During which, the game (as well as its already discounted four-pack) can be purchased for 50% off the standard price. The free period ends Sunday, October 10 at 1 PM Pacific.

Finally, Blue’s News has word that the update brings more than what’s shared by the Steam news feed, as well as alerting us to the development of the team’s next (currently unannounced) title. I can’t for the life of me find this quote from Cadenza anywhere else, but Blue has always been a reliable source in the past so we’ll take his word for it:

Included with the weekend sale and free play is a new patch including customizable turret loadouts for single and multiplayer games. This is the latest in a long line of community-inspired additions to the game which, along with new map content, is a free addition to the game as a “thanks” for the passionate support of our community. Come share in our creation process as we continue to grow Sol Survivor and our next title now in development!


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