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Fez Gets a New Gameplay Video… Still No Release Date


Good news Fez fans! Looks like developer Polytron has finally issued a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming 2D meets 3D puzzle platformer. The bad news? The game still doesn’t have a release date. For those of you that remember, the game was originally rumored for release… now. Unfortunately, the game is now scheduled to hit PC and XBLA sometime in 2011, possibly for one of Microsoft’s seasonal XBLA events.

Also, if you don’t quite know what Fez is it’s a new game by Polytron Corporation where you play as Gomez, a character who has suddenly realized that his 2D world is anything but. From there you must help navigate Gomez through this new world by shifting the world around to allow access to various areas that would otherwise not be allowed through traditional 2D means. It’s a very exciting game that the trailer highlights very well.

Anyway, enjoy the trailer.