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DevLinks: Texas Tea


Another DevLinks, for the world of indie tinkerers have much to share these days.

The Word of Notch — The final papers have been signed!
“Woo! We had a meeting today where we signed the final papers for the new company! All the details are worked out, everyone is on board, and things are looking good! Woo!”

Cliffski’s Blog — How to sell your game online without using an app-store
“The title says it all. Recent discussion over the upcoming apple app-store triggered someone to tweet to me that a lot of devs probably are too scared to sell their games direct online, and just don’t know where to start. I’m going to tell you.”

Amanita Design Blog — Make Your Own Machinarium Papercraft
“I’ve no idea why toy manufacturers haven’t contacted Amanita Design to create a line of figures based on the charming robots in Machinarium yet; perhaps someone needs to pass along the acclaimed adventure game to those companies’ executives?”

broken rules — zamSpielen#5
“Playing games is a social interaction, an exchange of knowledge and ideas and sharing of emotions and moments. We would like to show the public that the medium ‘video game’ offers a wide range of interesting experiences that can go far beyond the usual expectations.”

Charlie’s Games — IGF and New Video!
“I’ve entered Scoregasm into the IGF again this year. I wasn’t going to, but i got some really nice feedback at the Indie Games Arcade thing earlier in the month, plus i heard that the judging process has changed a bit (I got some pretty mixed feedback last year). I’m not really sure if Scoregasm is the sort of game that does well in this sort of competition, but what it does it does pretty well in my opinion, so we’ll see!”

In The Games Of Madness — Tech Feature: Pre-pass lighting
“Progress on the new engine, HPL3, is coming along nicely and recently I changed the core rendering system into something called Pre-pass lighting. This switch has been made for a number of reasons, but before I got into that and what pre-pass lighting exactly is, I need to explain how we did it back in the “old days”.”

radiangames — The Launch Pattern
“As I mentioned in the comments and on Twitter yesterday, Fluid passed Peer Review and will be launching later tonight.”

Zeboyd Games — Radiangames Fluid Review
“No shooting this time – a first for Radiangames. Don’t let that stop you from downloading it though, because Radiangames Fluid is just as excellent as his other games.”

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