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Chick Chick Boom European/Australian Release Date and Price Set… North Americans Weep


Great news for disenfranchised fans of Nintendo’s own WiiWare digital distribution channel as it looks like a solid indie game is landing on the service within the next couple weeks… so long as your from Europe or Australia.

Chick Chick Boom developers, Tons of Bits, emailed me this morning to let me know that their upcoming adorable versus game is landing on WiiWare on October 29th for 800 Wii points. This is great news for Wii-owners as this game is really looking like one of the most solid WiiWare releases within the last few months.

If you happen to live in North America, like me, then you’re out of luck. While the title is still slated for a North American release the developer still can’t get any sort of confirmation of price or release from, presumably, Nintendo of America.

For those of you who missed all of our previous coverage on the game, enjoy the trailer below.

We’ll update just as soon as we get word of a North American release.

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