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Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Walkthrough Guide

recettearThis is a full walkthrough explaining how to complete the main quest in shop-keeper RPG Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. A day-by-day guide is supplied below, detailing how to clear all your debts.

Before you scroll down to read, please note: There is no set method for completing Recettear – it’s possible to finish the game via a variety of different methods. Listed below is one such method, which can act as a beginner’s guide for anyone finding the game tough.

The walkthrough is split into weeks and days, showing each day leading up to debt payments. You may choose to follow the guide exactly, or use it more as an ideas guide.

A few pointers before we begin:
1) Save often – at the start of every day, after every dungeon crawl, after every shopping spree – just keep saving.
2) When a sale is on at the market or Merchant’s Guild, it is usually a good idea to buy the most expensive stuff in bulk – that way, when the prices rise again, you’ll make a tidy profit.
3) Try to stock at least one of every type of item, so as not to stop your just selling combo
4) Always aim to achieve your weekly total well in advance. If the collector wants 80,000pix by the 15th, you make sure you’ve got it in full by the 12th at the latest.
5) When you go to town, make sure you always visit places that are glowing – this means there are cutscenes to see.
6) Go into town at least once a day, and try to mix up the time you go out so that you see all the different cutscenes.
7) At the beginning, you may as well sell your items for the base price, since the difference in profit is marginal and you’ll get your merchant level up much quicker
8 ) Learn who pays lots for your wares and who doesn’t, so that your just combo doesn’t get cut – for example, in general the little girl will not pay much more over the base price, so you may as well always offer her at 100%.

When dungeon crawling:
9) Make sure your adventurer is always fully equipped with the best weapons and armour.
10) Don’t use a teleporter to the next floor until you’ve found everything on the current floor.
11) Always take advantage of double experience when it is announced.
12) Use chains are often as possible, especially early on when there aren’t as many different types of bad guy – they will make you level up much faster.
13) Learn which enemies you’re not very good at fighting, save your powerful attack for those.
14) keep your HP above half at all times to be safe.

Now for the full walkthrough – again, this is just one method for completing the game:

Day 1
Straight forward day – simply follow the tutorials and learn how everything works. After today, week 1 begins.

Week 1 – 10,000pix to pay

Day 2
Acquire Louie as an adventurer from the Adventurer’s Guild, then travel to the Hall of Trials and make your way to the fifth floor. By the time you reach the end, Louie should be level 5 or 6. When you get back to the shop, lay out your best wares and open the shop up for the last part of the day. Only sell items at base value – don’t bother upping the price. That way, you’ll achieve a larger just combo and near pin combos, and level up your Merchant rank faster.

Day 3
Equip Louie with the best stuff from the Merchant’s Guild, then head to the Adventurer’s Guild and go to Jade Way. At floor 5, you’ll mean the Crowned Slime – dodge its slams, hit it a few times, and it will soon be dead. Don’t go through the door just yet – continue through the dungeon. At floor 10 you’ll meet the Giant Rat – destroy the red mushrooms, and when he eats the purple ones, hit him as he falls on the ground. Repeat until he dies.

Now that you’ve completed floors 1-10, you should have a fair haul of stuff, so leave by the door and head on home.

Day 4
Spend the day selling your the stuff you picked up yesterday.
Again, sell at the base price for now – it’s important that you get your Merchant level up. You should be able to easily make 10,000pix by the end of the day.

Day 5
Do floors 1-10 of Jade Way again for even more expensive items. Louie should be around level 10 by the end of it. Once again head home and sell some items before the day ends.

Day 6
Spend another day selling your wares. By night-time, you should have around 20,000pix. Don’t forget to venture in to town at some point to catch any important cutscenes.

Day 7
Head back to Jade Way, but this time do floors 11-15 – or even floors 1-15, if you’re feeling ambitious. By the time you reach Charme on floor 15, Louie should be level 12 or higher.

Charme puts up a tricky fight – make sure you have a few spare food items to boost your HP. The idea is to run her round in circles in the middle – don’t let her trap you against the edge of the arena. Wait until she does her fire rush move, then slash once and retreat. Repeat until she’s beaten. Then grab the special item out of the chest, and return home.

Day 8
Another selling day! Sell sell sell, and you should have no trouble at all fielding the 10,000pix debt collection.

Week 2 – 30,000pix to pay

Day 9
Equip Louie with the best stuff and do Jade Way floors 1-15 for even more nice items. Make sure to check everywhere in town first for cutscenes.

Day 10
Day at the shop. Sell you stuff, and by the end of the day you should be on Merchant level 5 or 6, and have around 20,000pix.

Day 11
The Adventurer’s guild is closed today, so it’s time to sell again. Hopefully you’ve still got some stuff and should be able to build your Merchant level to 6. You’ll now be able to buy the best wallpaper from the market and put it up in your shop, attract customers who are willing to pay for more expensive items.

Day 12/Day 13
Spend one day selling, and one day adventuring on Jade Way floors 1-15 – which way around you spend your time is up to you. Whichever day you sell, make sure you reach level 7 Merchant, and hopefully your new wallpaper should attract some big spenders. You should be able to reach 50,000pix by the end of these two days. Charme will come into your shop, and offer you her business card at this point, so you can use her services – although we stuck with Louie for the entire game, so whether you take her up is up to you.

A guy called Caillou will come in to your shop and place an order – make sure you note what he wants, and get it all the next time you go adventuring.

Day 14
Selling day! Charme will come in to the shop and tell you about a new dungeon – Amber Garden. You’ll go exploring there tomorrow. You should hit merchant level 8, allowing you to change the floor – so go and buy the best one from the market and fit it in your shop.

Day 15
Head into the new Amber Garden dungeon. Floor 5 is the Eyebat King – wait until he fires the laser, and as the laser stops, start slicing at his eyeball. He dies quite quickly after only a few slices.

The Insect King is waiting for you at floor 10 – wait for him to roll, and hit him from behind. Make sure to take out the pesky wasps first. We’d advise stopping at this point and returning to your shop. If you have any time left, open the shop in the evening.

Week 3 – 80,000pix to pay

Day 16
Sell sell sell! Caillou will come into the shop and give you his card if you sold him enough candy. Hopefully you should be able to build your fortune to around 30,000pix by the end of the day.

Day 17
Go back into the Amber Garden and do floors 11-20 (or 1-20 if you think you can handle it). Floor 15 is The Gauntlet, in which you have to kill everything for the door to appear.
Floor 20 is the Giant Crab – hit the red bomb baddies towards the crab, and when he blows upside down, slice his underbelly. Repeat until dead.

Louie should be level 22/23 by now and pretty unstoppable.
End the day by selling stuff in the evening.

Day 18
Sell time! If you hit Merchant Level 9, don’t forget to buy carpet from the market. You may even be able to hit Merchant Level 10 if you play it well. End the day with around 60,000pix.

Day 19/20
Another sell/dungeon double day. If you’ve hit Merchant level 10, don’t forget to play with moving the counters around. Visit the Merchant’s guild around this time, and you’ll activate an encounter with Elan.

Over these 2 days, you should be able to get to Merchant level 11, which grants you new items in the shops.
Aim to have around 90,000pix by the end of day 20.

Continue from Amber Garden floor 21 (or earlier if you want to). Floor 25 houses two King Slimes, which really isn’t much more difficult than just the one.

On floor 30 you’ll find a lost girl caled Tielle, who will proceed to attack you. Destroy the boxes and cut the shortest route to her, dodging her arrows all the while. Do this twice, then in the third room she’s hiding in a box. Find her quickly, as this part can get quite chaotic. Then she starts to attack – quickly lay into her over and over, and she will die quickly.

Take her back to your shop, and the day will end.

Day 21
Go to the market and stock up on at least a couple of each thing. Meet Euria in the plaza. Then it’s sell sell sell time! Make as much money as you can, while raising your Merchant level.

Day 22
You should have enough to pay the debt for this week by now, so you might as well go adventuring again in Amber Garden and find more items for sale tomorrow. Start from whichever floor you like, and find the most expensive items you can.

Day 23 onwards…

From here on in, it’s very much a case of repeating the same thing over and over, but finding more expensive items to help you reach the weekly goals. Week 4 asks you to collect 200,000pix, while the final week sees you paying back 500,000pix.

Make sure you continue to visit all the places in town frequently, and eventually you’ll collect a fair number of business cards from adventurers – although we’d suggest you continue to use Louie until the debt is fully paid off. You’ll also learn about a new dungeon – the Tower of Obsidian.

After completing the main story, you can continue to play and beef your shop up to the maximum. There are also a few new modes to play too, including Survival Mode – which is pretty much Story mode, except all the dungeons are already open – and Endless Mode, which lets you play forever and introduces two new dungeons, Lapis Ruins and the Crystal of Nightmare.



  • Zing

    At the end of day 4, I had two items each worth 10,000 pix. At the end of day 8, I had a bunch of 5,000 pix items on top of that, and also that rare pot worth >20,000 pix. Despite this, not a single one of them actually sold, and I scraped through with only 11,000 pix at the end of week 1.

    I can only hope that the items will sell later, and make a later week easier. :-(

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  • Thomas

    Thanx for the guide, I was stuck at first week bcos was only selling and buying stuff :3