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Don’t Play With Fire in Minecraft…

MinecraftFireThere are lots of reasons to buy and play Minecraft, especially if you’re a fan of the sandbox genre of games. Hell, if you need any reasons whatsoever, just check out this amazing fan made trailer for the game.

In any case, as I was saying, there are plenty of reasons to play, but there are also plenty of reasons to be careful, especially when playing with fire. The video below is a prime example of what happens when you prematurely attempt to light a fire in your own house. The end results are hilarious for you and I, but disastrous and even a little depressing for the creator.

Plus seeing as how the game automatically saves, you’re pretty much screwed if something like this happens to you. So, yeah… watch where you’re lighting that thing.



  • Austin Munday

    lmao! That was hilarious!! But is there no way to stop the fire from spreading once your house catches on fire? The whole bucket thing didn’t seem to work out well, the house just caught on fire even more :S

  • Arne Beukema

    What i would advice is building s stone house. Stone doesn’t burn to good. ;)