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Oblivion Total Conversion Mod, Nehrim, Released


File this under questionably indie, but the total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Nehrim, has been completed and released, for free, on the developers website and ModDB.

For those that don’t know what Nehrim is, it’s basically a completely new RPG based off of the same engine that is used in Oblivion. In fact, the game is supposedly made using the modding tools the came with Oblivion back when the game was first released in 2006.

Now, despite being based off the same engine and created using the modding tools that came with the game, Nehrim is, in fact, a completely new game that is independent in every way from Oblivion or the Elder Scrolls series of games. Here are the details:

[Nehrim] is a fan-developed game with the aspiration to be able to compete with full-grown commercial RPGs. With an estimated playing time of 50 hours, over 60 Quests and thoroughly synchronized dialogues by professional voice actors, new weapons, armor, spells, races, models, video-sequences, specially composed new music and much more, this does not seem that far-fetched.

As you can see, a lot of work has been put into this mod which has been in development since 2007.

Anyway, as stated above, this mod is completely free so long as you already own a copy of Oblivion as it’s required to play Nehrim. Other than that, download is now available, have at it!


Trailer (German)


  • Astevez

    Oh wow, I wish this was on consoles!
    It looks amazing!!

  • Ashley K.

    Questionably indie or not, this release has me searching for my Oblivion install disk. From my understanding the team made quite a few improvements to the mechanics of the game, including the UI interface that was designed for consoles and improving the function of bows.

    In the extreme lack of good first person RPGs, this will definitely fill a gap. Can’t wait to play it!

    • Geoff Gibson

      Oh good, the bows were always kind of lame in Oblivion.

      Unfortunately, I gave away my copy of Oblivion over a year ago.