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Jumping to New Heights… Abduction! 2 [Review]

main_menuBefore I get into the nitty gritty of this review, allow me to just say a couple things:

First, I’m a huge fan of the original Abduction! World Attack. During a time when Android gaming was largely unpolished and crude, Phil Symonds gave us a game that was not only fun, but also very well presented.

Second, despite having an Android device and an iPod Touch (specifically for gaming), I wouldn’t consider myself a mobile gamer. For some reason I just can’t divest time into a mobile game unless I’m actually mobile, which means my mobile gaming time is significantly less than my traditional gaming time.

Cool, now that that’s out of the way, let me give you a brief synopsis of the game. Abduction! 2 is a jumping platformer. What this means is that the game takes place entirely by jumping on platforms and going up. There is no left or right of what you see, only up and down. Additionally, the game uses tilt controls. To move left, you tilt your phone left, to move right you tilt your phone right. It’s a tried a true formula that many games use these days.

Now, for you iOS gamers and Android gamers who’ve never played the first, Abduction! 2 is basically Android’s version of Doodle Jump, the extremely well selling, jumping platformer on iOS. Keep this in mind while reading my review.


As mentioned above, Abduction! 2 is a jumping platformer. In fact, it’s probably the best jumping platformer I’ve ever played and I’ve played both Doodle Jump and  Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess. While I’m sure this is largely a personal egyptpreference kind of thing, Abduction! 2 is certainly up there contending with the great jumping platformers of the world, for a number of reasons.

Abduction! 2 currently comes with five different gameplay modes. While each mode consists of the same basic gameplay methods (you’re a jumping cow… ) there are small variances in each one that make them each a treat:

Like with the original game, the “Quick Game” has returned. This is a standard jump for as long as you can jump mode that features a unique leaderboard system. The higher you go the more difficult the game will become. Fall and you’ll lose. It’s pretty standard actually. The cool thing about this gameplay type, though, is that it comes with a unique leaderboard system where you’ll actively be chasing new scores as you play the game. What I mean by that is, as you’re jumping up, you can see in the top right your current place on the leaderboard and as you pass somebody else’s score you’ll move up a space. It’s a unique way of showing high scores, hampered only by the fact that you actually can’t see a list of current high scores.

quick_game_1Moving on, inside the “Quick Game” menu there’s also a few other options. Three of them merely change the presentation of the game’s art style, including a unique 3D mode (glasses required!), and a fourth that’s actually an entirely different game called Cow Pies, which is a unique mode where you have to eat pies as you jump. The more you eat the bigger you get and the bigger you get the more platforms start to break underneath you. Overall, it’s a fun diversion from the traditional modes.

Additionally, as you’d expect, the game returns with it’s “Adventure mode” in both an updated and “classic” version. While the classic version features gameplay that mirrors the first title, the new version comes with many updated features that overwhelmingly make the game more fun to play. For example, no longer do you need to worry about falling and instantly dying. The game now gives you parachutes to help negate that factor. This along with many other features takes the game above and beyond the original title which is pretty abre bones by comparison.

Finally, the game continues to include the standard kids mode. Just like you’d imagine, this is for young children who simply want to watch a jumping cow. There’s netherlandsno dying, no falling, nothing but a fun little diversion for little Kimmy or Billy.

Beyond the actual gameplay modes, the game features a new shop that allows you to spend coins earned in the adventure mode to customize your cow with clothes or buy new animal avatars. It’s nothing overtly game changing, but a nice feature nonetheless, especially since you can give your cow a wizard hat like I did mine. Definitely ups the adorable factor…


Abduction! 2 is the most charming game on Android, there I’ve said it. I don’t know if the game has the best “technical” graphics, but it’s certainly in contention for being one of the best, graphically speaking. As stated numerous times in this review, Abduction! 2 comes with an incredible amount of polish that Android users aren’t typically accustom to.

Additionally, the songs that play during each level not only catchy, but also endearing. I’ve found myself, numerous times now, humming one of the songs long after I’ve put the game down.


map_1Unfortunately, Abduction! 2 doesn’t really have a story. The original title featured a story involving aliens abducting cows and other animals, but the second title seems to not bother with any of that. Kind of a bummer actually. You just go from one locale to the next jumping your way across various levels.

Everything Else

Remember, at the very beginning of this review, how I said that I’m not what you’d call a “mobile gamer” and that I don’t invest a lot of time into mobile games unless I’m actually mobile? I mentioned that for a specific reason and it’s because that Abduction! 2 made me into a mobile gamer, even while I was at home. Even while I was watching television, I found that if I started to get bored, I’d just whip out my phone and start playing Abduction! 2. This has never happened to me before and I use this as a true testament to how good Abducton! 2 really is.

Abduction! 2 is supposed to be getting a release tomorrow (September 10th) exclusively to the Android Market. If it’s anything like Psym Mobile’s other games, it should be priced around $2 and be damn well worth it.

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