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The Mysteries of Relaxation: pOnd

pondImage2I’ve seen balance games, I’ve seen massage “games,” I think I’ve even seen breathing games – but I’ve never seen a breathing game quite like the latest release from USC grads The Peanut Gallery. You may recall their earlier title Spectre which we spoke to them about before the IGF.

With calming, pixellated graphics that lead you across serene landscapes, pOnd is a nice change from the generally fast-paced world of twitch-based games. You lead your nameless protagonist through the woods in a calming journey using only a single button and with a single goal. As you make your way through the landscapes, you inhale using the spacebar to absorb orbs of “nature” pondImage1into your being. Successfully inhaling allows you to progress further into the game world. Hold your breath too long and your character will cough and choke, keeping you from moving further.

Play sessions only take about 5 minutes, and the experience is well worth trying a few times until you reach the pond and the final inhales of nature in the game.

It’s well worth experiencing everything.

You can play the game online at The Peanut Gallery’s website or download your own copy from them as well.

UPDATE: Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s traffic broke their link, so use these mirrors to download the game: Mirror 1, Mirror 2