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Fruit Ninja Sneaks Passed the 1,000,000 Sales Mark, iPad Version Coming Soon


Hats off to the fine developers at Halfbrick Studios, as it would seem their oddly addictive and refreshing iOS game, Fruit Ninja, has been sold to one million incredibly wasteful ninjas — they better be making smoothies out of all that used fruit, dammit!

Seriously, it’s a remarkable achievement to all those involved. As many know, breaking into the iOS marketplace isn’t easy, especially with all the crap that litters the App Store. Fruit Ninja was truly one of the brightest spots there and I feel good in that my review may have helped them reach this astounding number. So, once again, congratulations to Halfbrick Studios.

For those curious, Fruit Ninja HD is being submitted to the iPad App Store today for release sometime around July 11th. The iPad version will have high resolution graphics as well as two multiplayer split screen modes. No price has been announced.