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Cautious Clay: The Dream Machine Oozes Amazing

The_Dream_MachineAs lastly reported here on DIYGamer, there’s a stunning point-and-click adventure game made out of clay and cardboard that you simply must see. It’s called The Dream Machine, and while there’s plenty already on the game to offer to you, it’s inevitably going to leave you only wanting more once you take it all in.

The game, a handmade effort by the two-man team at Cockroach Inc., is built in three dimensions and then adjusted, added to and photographed countless times to turn the magic into gameplay. TDM will be released episodically, telling the tale of a couple who has moved into a new apartment only to find out as they’re settling in that all is not quite right in the seemingly quiet building.

A playable demo is available to check out here, and you can sign up for the beta to get access to the full first chapter here. If you’re looking for more on the game, especially behind the scenes info, may we recommend the highly detailed dev blog?

Check out the trailer, the set-up shot and more screens below (click to biggy-size.) There, see? All that info and media and all I can think about is “give me more.”







  • Scatterlaser

    Wow,this is pretty stunning.

  • Rick Lewis from CrosseyedGamer

    this is pretty cool looking game. going to have to check out the beta for this one.