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Cactus declassifies Ultra Mission

Ultra MissionEveryone’s favorite painter of cognitive dissonance, Cactus, has just revealed his latest opus, a sort of dark and droll puzzle-Robotron called Ultra Mission.

Your task is to rescue the hostages through any means necessary. Use WASD to move; use the mouse to aim. Left click is shoot; right click is kaboom. You can destroy pretty much anything. The trick is to destroy the right things, and avoid being destroyed in the process.

As a Cactus game, it’s pretty tough and tends to reward thinking outside the box (as it were). The presentation is clean and simple, with lots of particle and blur and atmospheric effects to add to the texture. It’s tracked with nifty-weird module music, and there’s not much nonsense to it. You fail the mission, the game politely asks you not to do what you just did, and you immediately try again.

You can download Ultra Mission here. If you like your desktop icons where they are, beware of screen resizing.