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Shattered Horizon vs. Torchlight [Tournament]


Here it is, the first of two semi-final match ups, with the second one coming tomorrow. While some of you may be thinking this is an easy win for Torchlight, I’ll merely mention that prior to the N vs. Torchlight battle, Shattered Horizon consistently got the most votes out of any match up. So don’t take it lightly.

Anyway, let’s get on with the usual stuff.

Up first we have Shattered Horizon, the independent multiplayer FPS that features stuff you’ve never experienced in any FPS prior, zero-G space combat. This is a game that is literally about space marines. There’s no up, no down, and the maps are more open than any other online FPS. Shattered Horizon is, without a doubt, one of the best shooter experiences out there.

Not to be counted out, however, is the ever venerable Torchlight, created by Runic Games of which was started by the creators of the original Diablo games. To say that Torchlight is the best action RPG since Diablo 2 is doing it little justice. This is a game that is so pure to its roots that it’s almost like going back in time to when the original Diablo was released, albeit with better graphics.

Only one can make it to the final. Cast your vote now!

Check out the semi-finals bracket!

The other semi-final:


  • flstf93

    Shattered Horizon breaks new ground and deserves to continue forward in this vote for breaking new ground as well as advancing the use of DX10 and the Vista/ Win 7 platform

  • dudemaister

    i loved torchlight, excellent game but in the end its a diablo clone (with few nice ideas added)

    on the other hand Shattered Horizon is a original fps set in space, a breath of fresh air in the world of stagnating multiplayer fps games.

    this is why i can only vote for shattered horizon.

  • blueyes77

    I just love space sooo much and i am pretty sure Diablo series are on different level than that torchlight.

    Own them both, but shuttle goes for SH this time for it’s originality.

  • fakeassname

    neither of these games are original, so get it right.

    SH is a Decent clone with new/shinny clothes on.

    Torchlight is a clone of Diablo from the designers of Diablo (and a few other notable designers of other Diablo clones)

    I’m also confused by the notion of what constitutes an “indi” game as neither of these games are all that Independent.

    Runic had the financial backing of Perfect World entertainment to produce Torchlight and Futuremark are the dudes that make 3D-mark for Christ’s sake! how are two titles produced with funding from major software corporations (one internally and one externally) qualified to be termed “indi”?

    Based on the backgrounds of these two titles Guild-wars is also an indi title and while we are at it so is everything from EA’s LA studio.

    now, I love torchlight, and SH looks like a cool game but this is stretching the definition of “Indi” too far and I for one protest their inclusion in this as violating the spirit of being an Independent developer.

    • Webbstre

      I think Torchlight counts as Indie because Perfect World didn’t contract them to make it, they only contracted the MMO and this came about as a sort of side project.

      I agree with your comment though. The whole “indie” thing has started to confuse me.

    • Geoff Gibson

      You bring up a good argument. Now allow us to present ours:

      You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. Fact of the matter is that we allowed all student, indie, and independent games to be nominated by gamers (we didn’t pick these game, mind you)…

      • Webbstre

        Thank you Geoff. That actually makes a lot of sense to me now.

    • Lazerlord

      how can you say that sh is a clone?! if it is what is the original game that they built it off of? its the first 3d space game with full rotation. no game was EVER made like that.

      • Eclipse

        you’re totally wrong :) ever played Descent 1, 2 or 3, Hellbender, Forsaken?

  • blueyes77

    Descent was indoors game and pretty good at it, but SH is out there on space with total freedom of movement, so get your facts straight fakeassname.

  • lol

    erm how is SH clone of descent ?

    SH = First Person Shooter
    descent, any game where you fly a plane/etc = not a FPS

  • ZiddersRooFurry

    Torchlight! Woot!

  • fakeassname

    it is too a clone! the primary game mechanic is zero G + an unlocked camera, I remember reading interviews where even the developers compared SH to Decent.

    not that I’m saying that being a clone is bad, but calling SH original out of one side of your mouth yet decry Torchlight for being unoriginal with the other is hypocritical.

    @Geff: ok, but I still think they shouldn’t be called indi regardless of user votes and the link you provided kinda clashes with a few points in this:

    … not to start a pissing contest: you work here, I don’t. I’m just pointing out that there is some discrepancy there.

    • Geoff Gibson

      You’re right, and since Runic Games was bought we have stopped reporting on them and their news, but to retroactively remove them from the tournament would have gummed things up entirely. We made it clear in the tournament when this happened what our intentions were and how we were proceeding in the future.

      As for Futuremark Game Studios. They are most certainly an independent game company, not necessarily what many would consider “indie” but they’re certainly independently funded, they’re not a large developer or a large publisher and they don’t create corporate sponsored games.

      There are no discrepancies here. We’ve never claimed to do anything other than report on indie, independent, and student games.

      Fact of the matter is that figuring out just what is what these days is incredibly difficult. We don’t have access to financial records, or financial incentives from larger companies.

      Take Shank, as an example, the game’s developer is arguably independent, but now has a game being published by EA Partners. We don’t know what the real deal is behind the curtains, or whether EA is actually funding some of the game themselves. We’ve got to play it by ear, sometimes we get it sometimes not.

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  • Wisher

    So what you are saying,fakeassname,is that any game featuring zero-g combat is a Descent clone? Hardly… and the reviewers did compare it to Descent but not even close to saying “its a Descent clone”,unlike Torchlight reviews…now on topic: i think this will be the biggest battle in this tournament,since both games are great and both are my favorites (although SH prevails)…and also both companies are pretty strong and on the edge of indie/independent,so they pretty much negate themselves, making it a fair game.. ;)

  • Wisher

    Lol,75% off! So thats why their votes suddenly jumped!

  • Logan

    Wow, close battle here, 49 to 51 :O

  • Tokamak


    Oh dear. Go Shattered Horizon!

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  • Tokamak

    As an Shattered Horizon fan I’m impressed, this makes me want to try out Torchlight.

  • Logan

    WOW! SH pulls ahead in the last minute.

    Very very close match-up here but good to see Futuremark into the next round :D Top notch guys.