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FPS Tower Defense: Sanctum Demo

Sanctum_demoCoffee Stain Studios has released a demo for its unique first-person shooter/tower defense hybrid title Sanctum, now available for download to try out.

Players are charged with two tasks to secure the area: Construct a maze of towers, which alone won’t stop the invading armies of foreign monsters, and Upgrading your firearms, getting you into the fight, cleaning up messes by picking off survivors. You become an X-factor in the gameplay and can exploit weak spots in the enemy’s attack.

Developer Coffee Stain Studios is planning on completing a “full version” of the Unreal Engine 3 powered Sanctum, which orginated as an Unreal Tournament 3 mod before switching to Epic’s free UDK that was released last year.

The file is available for download now via as well as on FileShack weighing in at 323 MB. The developer is creating a 2D tower defense iPhone game based on Sanctum as well. We’ll be keeping our good eye on it.