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N vs. Braid [Tournament]


Second day of the round of 16 and we’re already seeing strong responses to our polls with Shattered Horizon taking an early lead in front of indie fan favorite Knytt. On the other front we’ve got a a dead-tie in the Love vs. Ben There, Dan That match up. Which will prevail, we’ve still got 6 days to find out.

But enough about yesterday’s match up, let’s get to the first match up for today, and let me remind you… it’s a big’un! N vs. Braid.

Up first we’ve got the brilliantly made and extremely popular N games (note: never ever mention this game as Ninja, you’ll never hear the end of it). As a long standing free flash game, the series has also enjoyed great success on consoles and handhelds in the more recent past.

Not to be beaten so easily, however, comes Braid, a game that many will argue brought upon the current interest in modern indie games and developers. In Braid you play as Tim in his quest to… wait I never quite figured out what the story was. Regardless, the game has some of the best time-based puzzles ever created.

So which will come out on top? Cast your vote now!

Check out the Round of 16 Bracket!

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  • Raif

    GO N!

  • Tunco

    Go go N!

  • TheCube

    I think that I am the only person so far who has voted for Braid.

    • Geoff Gibson

      You are one of seven actually. :)

  • JRGBruno

    Hmmm N has 97% of the vote??? That’s somewhat surprising. Frankly, I like these games about equally, but voted for N thinking it would get trounced by Braid….still wouldn’t be surprised if that happens in the end ;)

  • shine

    Go N!

  • danield9tqh

    Go N

  • furry_ant

    wooooooh n! <3

  • Izzy

    moar n.

  • Mr. Dr. Professor Techno MD DDS

    Go go go go N!

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  • SlappyMcGee

    Yeah, but whereas Braid has a small community, the ninja game has maintained a rather large community just by being incredibly cool dudes.

  • Tuco

    This result is kind of sad.

  • glllllllllllgagamox

    N go!

  • MattKestrel

    Woot. Go N!

  • EddyMataGallos

    Go N!!!!

  • TheAngryMongoose

    Man, Braid is getting curb stomped. I thought everyone loved it? PC crowd bias maybe?
    Still, happy to see N doing so well. Not a single game in the tournament will even make me pause before voting N.

  • mintnut

    N for the win! \o/

  • Joel

    So Braid is cool and all..

    But N changed the way i play games.. N consumed my life for more hours combined than every other game i’ve ever played.

    …I also didn’t pay a cent for it.

    If someone is thinking about voting for Braid instead of N… i challenge them to sit down with N and learn it… because it’s like learning karate.. it takes patience and practice.. and in time you develop true skill and dexterity that you never thought you’d be capable of.

    Nothing is more rewarding than beating a level you’ve been struggling on for ages.


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