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N/Ninja vs. Minecraft [Tournament]


Our last match up for the week and I gotta say, while the games might not be as large, I’d say that this is one of my favorite match ups, both games are fairly simplistic and yet totally complicated at the same time. It’s fascinating the way some of these games got randomly matched up. Anyway, without further ado, I bring you N/Ninja vs. Minecraft.

Up first we have the extremely popular Ninja platforming game N, which has been empowering ninja fans since the middle of this past decade. Over the years we’ve seen many iterations come out. While each brings with it new levels, and new levels of fun the one thing that remains unchanged is the incredible addictiveness of these titles.

Not to be counted out so quickly, however, is Minecraft. While not technically “released” anybody (you, me, that guy) can play it right now in it’s alpha stage. For those that don’t know about this game yet, it is basically a build whatever, destroy whatever type of game. While offering simplistic graphics, there’s nothing more satisfying that building a huge monolithic tower to keep the rampaging zombies out.

So which will it be? Only one can move on. Choice is yours!

Check out the Bracket!

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UPDATE: Guys, I know it’s just called N, or N+. I’ve cleared this with the developers already. Fact of the matter is that some people simply consider it as Ninja. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. It was a request and we went with it. It’s not a huge deal though, don’t stress out too much about it. If N wins, I’ll consider just calling it “N” for future match ups. Thanks for participating.

P.S. You guys rock, I never expected so many people would hit the voting booth, so to say. Thanks a million for supporting your this tournament and your choice, no matter which it may be.


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  • Personman

    Why is N called N/Ninja here? The game’s name is N.

    • Geoff Gibson

      It was done at the request of those who nominated the game because, apparently, many gamers simply call it Ninja.

      Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

  • aphex_n

    Woop, go N! You got all of nmaps’ vote :P

  • NastoK

    Actually, its called N Way of the Ninja.

  • Izzy

    N ftw.

  • furry_ant

    N. Best game ever.


  • Mr. Dr. Professor Techno MD DDS

    N is undoubtedly one of the best games to hit the internet, and to also form one of, if not -the-, greatest online communities.

  • Inspired

    Stuff you Animator. <3

  • shortshift

    N <3

  • Ingberlach

    w00t go Minecraft! :D D

  • Speeddemosnatos

    N shall win!!

  • fawk

    The game is called N. This is definitive. It also rocks.

  • ska

    Anyone who votes for minecraft is a fan of Justin Bieber.

  • mintnut

    Go N \o/

  • el_devo

    N needs to win.

    No questions asked.

  • Arctic_Pony

    N = sex

  • heatwave21

    Well hi there, every single other metanet forum goer. Fancy seeing you here.
    Hooray for N!

    (it’s not ninja, it’s not ngame, it’s not n way of the ninja, it’s just n)

  • TheAngryMongoose

    I have to choose between n and minecraft? You bastard!
    Ima just vote for whichever is losing.

    • Geoff Gibson

      Voting is already done. :p N already won. Check back next week for when the round of 16 begins!

  • jslimb


  • danield9tqh

    N is awsome