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League of Legends Mac Client Coming This Summer

League_of_Legends_MacRiot Games has announced that they will be bringing their multiplayer free-to-play action-RTS game League of Legends to Mac, revealing that the fantasy themed title will become available for the OS this summer.

The great news is that Mac players will be able to play with/against their PC buddies as the game will be cross compatible for multiplayer. The port will be handled by Transgaming’s Cider engine tools.

LoL is also expected to launch its official competitive phase this summer, urging both Mac and PC players to participate if their stuff is good enough. From the full press release:

Riot Games and TransGaming to Launch “League of Legends” for Mac

Acclaimed Indie Video Game Developer and Publisher to Bring Its Award-Winning Online Multiplayer to Millions of Mac Gamers This Summer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA and TORONTO, ONTARIO — May 27, 2010 Riot Games, a leading independent developer and publisher of premium online video games, announced that they are working with TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG) to expand their debut title, League of Legends™, and releasing a version for the Mac that will be available for download this summer. The new Mac version of the online multiplayer strategy game, powered by TransGaming’s Cider™ Portability Engine, will bring millions of Mac owners the same fast-paced gaming action that more than one million PC gamers have enjoyed since the game launched in October, 2009.

“Millions of gamers across the world are accessing their gaming content on Macs but until now they have not been able to play League of Legends,” said Brandon Beck, co-founder and CEO of Riot Games. “The first competitive phase of the game will be kicking off this summer, and we’re excited that Mac gamers will also be able to participate and have a chance to vie for top prizes.”

With TransGaming’s Cider Engine, the Mac version of League of Legends will have all the same game features as its award-winning PC counterpart. Players can download the game for free from and, after a short installation, begin playing instantly. Artwork, graphics, in-game items and controls will remain the same in the Mac version, giving both PC and Mac gamers equal opportunity to compete in the game at high levels for free.

“League of Legends is an outstanding game and one that will be thoroughly enjoyed by Mac gamers everywhere who have been waiting for a premium free-to-play release,” commented Vikas Gupta, CEO & President of TransGaming Inc. “League of Legends represents TransGaming’s commitment to bring a breadth of exceptional video gaming entertainment to the Mac community.”

League of Legends, Riot Games’ debut title, launched on Oct. 27, 2009 in North America and Europe. It is a session-based, multiplayer online game where rival teams compete for victory. Built by a veteran development team and the original creators of Defense of the Ancients, one of the world’s most popular player-made mods, League of Legends combines elements of the role-playing and strategy genres with addictive competitive action.

League of Legends is rated “T” for Teen and now available for free via download at

For more information about League of Legends, visit


  • Mick

    Gah, it’s past summer, tell them to hurry up please :P

    • Geoff Gibson

      Technically we still have 13 days of summer. :p

  • LoL Mac Gamer

    Riot has opened Beta testing already for the Mac:

    The first post by RiotChris gives you the DL links to the beta client and Adobe Air, which is needed to run the game.

    I’m playing it on my Mac and I haven’t had any major problems with it. I’m actually very impressed with the current Mac version; I was expecting it to be a lot worse.

    If you guys want to play the game, sign up for an account here:

    • jiroufreed

      So prolly a silly question but when i try to DL LoL it says, “You must first create a Summoner by logging into League of Legends before logging into our website.” How do i download the client if i cant click there? Thanks in advance