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Fruit Ninja Gets Even Fruitier!

FruitNinja000Halfbrick Studios has dropped a little press release to inform everybody that their latest, and quite possibly greatest, game has received a rather large update. In fact, it’s so large that they claim it actually doubles the current amount of gameplay you get with the $1 game.

For those that don’t remember, Fruit Ninja is a simplistic iDevice game where you have to slice fruit as they are thrown up from the bottom of the screen while avoiding bombs. While that may sound a bit too “easy” for you, the game is actually incredibly satisfying and has become one of my most played iDevice games yet. Don’t believe me? Go on read my own review of it!

Anyway, back to the update. Halfbrick have included these fine additions to the game:

ZEN MODE! This is a brand new way to play Fruit Ninja. No bombs, no lives – just fruit! You have 90 seconds in each game to slash to your heart’s content, mastering swiping and ending the journey of many juicy opponents. Better yet, there is a little something extra to help rack up even higher scores…

COMBO ATTACKS! If three fruit are launched into the air, simply slash them all in one swipe for a +3 point bonus! Four fruit scores a +4 bonus, and the combos increase with more fruit slashed in each swipe! Combo attacks are now featured in both Classic mode and Zen mode.

COMBO AWARDS! At the end of each Zen mode game, your best fruit slash combo will be displayed on screen and you will receive an awesome award for your Fruit Ninja prowess!

NEW FRUIT! Delicious limes and red apples!

Sound exciting enough? Good, update 1.2 is available right now and, if you haven’t yet bought the game, it automatically comes with any new purchase. So enjoy!

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