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Indie Sales: Around The Horn

Indie-SalesWhile the list of Indie Sales this week lacks a real big hitter like last time, it makes up in the variety of picks. From open world zombie murdering to multi OS impossible platforming, and more.

Today I felt quite obsessive and especially compulsive, so I’ve broken down the sales into what exactly it is they are. Very nice.

Of course, if you see something we’ve missed or if you’re a developer running a personal site offer for your game (or content for the game) email us so we can add to the list:


Geoff already pointed out that Zombie Driver is 50% off on Steam, but I’ll do it too, and add that the deal extends to Impulse as well.

GamersGate is offering a VVVVVV bundle ($15) which carries both PC and Mac copies of the game for 10% off its standard price.

Camel 101′s puzzle game Lost City of Aquatica ($10) is 30% off on Impulse.

Pre-Order Discounts

A long time coming, The Whispered World ($30) is finally available for pre-order, with GamersGate offering a 10% discount for those who throw down before the adventure game’s release on April 23.

Launch Discounts

Beat Hazard ($10) has been given its PC release and is available on Steam and GamersGate now for 25% off at $7.50. The game plays your playlist and such as you play it.

Racing title 2XL Supercross ($10) is offering a 10% off discount for its launch week on Steam.

Reflexive’s casual title Simplz Zoo ($5) has been given the same Steam launch discount. Described as a “Match-three game with a little meat on the bone.”

Nemesys Team Studio’s arcade strategy game Fortix ($5) gets a slightly nicer 20% launch discount from Steam.


The Plain Sight Four-Pack Bundle has been released on Steam, effectively offering a buy-3-get-1-free deal as it runs $30 instead of the $40 it would cost if the four copies were bought individually.

Other Offers

Direct2Drive is holding a week-to-week Spring Sale bonanza over the next month, no indie titles this week, but wouldn’t be surprised to see some show up down the road. Whether you partake in the sale items or not, if you spend $75 on the digital distributor you’ll receive $15 credit, just wanted to point that out.

Simone Bevilacqua sent me an email alerting interested parties to a shipping deal on his title BOH, I’ll let him explain: “Starting April 4, 2010, worldwide shipping is free for orders of 2 up to 6 copies! This means that two or more friends can place a single order and receive their copies comfortably at home at the same price they would have paid if they had picked them directly from the shelves of a store! Moreover, the offer extends also to customers of the digital copy, who, as usual, just have to pay the price difference with the physical copy.”

Did you know we are running a kickass forum contest where you could win one of two copies of the hilarious, robot-ninja infused multiplayer game: Plain Sight? Well now you do… check it out at our forums!