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Indie Links Round-Up: Tough Meat

Indie_LinksIndie Links Round-Up is king sized this week, we deal with the prospect of being difficult, get a closer look into some Xbox Live Indies and catch up on some indie reviews and interviews from across the web. So enough with the jibba-jabba, let’s cast a line and see what reels in.

My XBLIG game sales numbers (OccasionalGamer)
“I think its about time that I shared some of my game sales so far as well as some insights into the business of making games for xblig. Let’s start of with some numbers. As of April 9, 2010 I have these stats to share.”

IGS 2010: Abusing Your Players Just For Fun (TIG Source)
“IGF Nuovo Award winner and indie mastermind Cactus’ first talk this year, Abusing Your Players Just For Fun, was ostensibly about designing games with obfuscated interactions, bizarre themes, trippy visuals, a high level of difficulty— the kind of stuff Cactus is known for— but really, to me, seemed more about encouraging people who would otherwise not develop games to try, about the desire to see an even greater variety of creative output from the indie games sphere.”

Xbox Live Indie-Dome: March 21st-April 3rd, 2010 (CrushFragDestroy)
“Welcome once again to the wonderful world of “We Sift Through The Crap So You Don’t Have To!” There were some surprisingly strong contenders last time, as well as a few complete turds. So how will our combatants fare today?”

Found Footage From A 1982 Arcade Convention (GameSetWatch)
“Coin-op fans stumbled upon a rare collection of videos documenting an arcade and console game convention in Chicago around March 1982.”

Why am I so…hard? (Team Meat Blog)
“So I’m going to attempt to write about difficulty in game design then talk a bit about the Super Meat Boy design process, namely when it comes to how we approached dealing with difficulty.”

The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Olu (Joystiq)
“This week we talk with Red Button Games boss (and champion Omeganaut) Daniel Frandsen about his new Xbox Live Indie Game, Olu.”

The Joystick Indie Pitch: Plain Sight (Joystiq)
“This week we talk with Robin Lacey, the managing director of Beatnik Games, about his company’s brand new ninja robot multiplayer action game Plain Sight.”

Shannon Galvin’s Contributions to Sleep is Death (SleepisDeath)
“Shannon Galvin worked at Maxis starting back in 1994 and all the way up through Spore, where he did concept art and 3D modeling (remember the plants and the huts—that was him!). He’s currently working as lead 3D artist on Jonathan Blow’s upcoming game The Witness.”

GDC Video: Crashfaster @ GAMMA IV (IndieGames)
“On March 10, independent game designers and game-inspired musicians were brought together under one roof for the GAMMA IV one-button game festival at the San Francisco Mezzanine. Featuring music acts by chiptune artists and indie game creators, the GDC kick-off party was organized by Heather Kelley and the Kokoromi game collective.”


Plain Sight Review (EuroGamer)
“You guys are lucky I’m a professional. Otherwise, I might give Plain Sight 12 out of 10 just on principle. I might even do that anyway. We’ll see.”

Wot I Think: Plain Sight (RockPaperShotgun)
“In short: Top Gun with Samurai Robots.”


(Short) Interview: Revenge Of The Titans! (RockPaperShotgun)
“Unlikely-named Puppygames developer Caspian Prince has answered some of our questions about the splendid-looking forthcoming not-actually-a-tower-defence-game, Revenge Of The Titans. It looks proper brilliant, and you need to watch the videos I’ve posted below, as well as read the words. You need to. If you don’t then something will happen to your glands.”

GDC10: Owlboy Interview (Youtube)
“The Norwegian indie title Owlboy was one of the nominated titles in this year’s Independent Games Festival. Listen to what the team has to say about this beautiful 2D platformer…”

GDC10: Super Meat Boy Interview (Youtube)
“From the independant games festival booth, Super Meat Boy interview – vegans against animal testing?”

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