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This Game has 25 Million Levels… AlphaBounce

AlphaBounce000There are a number of reasons why I’m curious about this new indie Nintendo DSi game, Alpha Bounce. First and foremost is their claim that the game has “more than 25 million levels to play.” Second, they also claim their game is the first “brick-breaker RPG”… whatever that is. I mean, I know what a brick breaker game is, but how do you combine that into an RPG?

So, needless to say, I have a lot of questions for this very intriguing game.

But, moving on, I’m sure you guys want to know a little bit more about the game instead of reading my wonderings about how the game functions or how there could possibly be so many levels:

Combining the classic brick-breaking concept with RPG features and a touch of the shoot-’em-up video game genre, AlphaBounce offers an endless universe with millions of levels.

Throughout their adventures players will be able to amass a vast collection of equipment, containing many items which will drastically change the rules of the game.

The player is a prisoner of the powerful ESCorp, an intergalactic mining corporation which exploits the mineral resources of the galaxy.
With the help of his envelope (the ship), the prisoner must break through the mass of rocks which blocks the game area in order to clear the zone and progress to the next level.

Are you as interested as I am now?

Good because the game is available right now, for a mere 500 DSi points ($5) on the DSi store, which means you need a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL.

If you do get it let us know how you like it. I, unfortunately, only have a DS Lite and can’t play this game.



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  • Eli

    This game is great. I have not gotten very far (at least i think) and from the way things are looking now I would indeed say there might be 25 million levels. Its very fun and I believe that the RPG element is finding upgrades within certain levels (you can see the items on your map) and using them to customize your “envelope” which is the paddle thing you use to bounce the ball. You can also get various balls, nanobots, and guns/cannons/lasers. I highly recommend it and would say it’s my favorite and one of, if not the best, dsiware game currently available.

  • Smashmaster

    The game is amazing. I bought it months ago, and I’m very pleased with how the game has the RPG element. You think you’d get bored (I did) but once you start playing it, getting new items, and customizing your ship, you’ll be hooked on it. I strongly recommend this game for anyone. 10/10